By Mark's Ooh La La Yum

About Swad

My inspiration for great home cooking comes from my mother, Sushila Rani. My father, Lala Som Dutt ji, had a refined palate and placed those high expectations upon my mother’s home cooking.

My mother’s own passion about a slow simmer, authentic homestyle preparation and cooking followed me throughout my life. Her techniques, dedication and love for what she created and plated are what I always kept close to my heart from childhood to this very day.

My mother’s inspiration never left my head or heart even after spending 30 years in the clothing business. Ultimately that inspiration and drive, solely from her, encouraged me to open my own restaurant, Mark’s Ooh La La Yum, in Norwood, NJ, years ago.

Between Mark's Ooh La La Yum and Swad, I have had the pleasure to spend 10+ rewarding years creating savory, delicious home cooked Indian meals for my guests. While I have retired and closed Swad in July of 2018, I thank everyone who joined us through the years to share what Indian home cooking, inspired by love, dedication and passion, truly tastes like.

- Ashwani Chirimunj
  Owner & Head Chef
Ashwani's Parents